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This kit set is made to improve the engine performance for racing purpose.
This set is prepared within the FIM SS Regulations as known at this current date.
*Each part should be ordered individually.

Definition of M and N

M :  Spec change and interchangeable with previous model
N :  New 2017 parts, or no interchangealbe with previous model

Mission/ Gear Ratio

Basic engine parts
5FL-R045Q-70 SPARK PLUG SET Set of spark plugs R0045Q-10 of NGK.(Semi-surface discharge)
The set contains 4 plugs.
13S-R373A-70 SPARK PLUG SET Set of spark plugs R0373A-10 of NGK.(Angled ground strap type)
The set contains 4 plugs.
2C0-11181-76 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD, t=0.45mm This gasket is made to adjust the squish height.
t =0.45 mm (Standard: t =0.60 mm)
2C0-12171-73 CAMSHAFT 1 (intake) Cam-profile is changed.Use this camshaft together with kit valve spring set.
Use this cam together with the spring. No other combination is allowed to use.
2C0-12181-71 CAMSHAFT 2 (exhaust)
2C0-12176-80 SPROCKET CAM 1 This is used to adjust intake and exhaust valve timing.
Valve timing is changed to match with modified camshafts.
2C0-12177-80 SPROCKET CAM 2
2C0-A2110-70 VALVE SPRING SET Use this set together with kit camshaft.
13S-A4890-70 AIS PLUG SET These plugs need to be used when the AIS (Air Induction System) is removed.
2C0-A6330-70 CLUTCH SPRING SET This parts is higher spring rate than standard springs.
2C0-F1400-71 ACM SET This is a small inner rotor type generator. ACM cover is included.
2C0-15411-71 COVER This part is for repair. (included in ACM set)
13S-F2590-71 WIRE HARNESS SET This wire harness is designed for racing use, which is lighter weight than STD one.
The connector for 2D data logging is included.
2C0-8591A-94 ECU SET Enable to adjust the amount of fuel injection, ignition timing and etc, to use this ECU with kit wire harness.
There are two types of basic control data for the ECU: SS (SuperSport) and ST (SuperStock)CD-ROM, software manual and kit manual are included in this set.
2CR-8533A-70 CABLE, INTERFACE The cable for connecting ECU to PC which is USB type.
The device driver of the cable interface is "Windows 8" correspond.